The true meaning of temazcal

It is not just a steam bath, temazcal tradition has a much deeper meaning. An expert talk us what it is and what its benefits are.

Although currently the temazcal is having a boom, its spread has lacked meaning, symbolism and ancient wisdom, leaving only a skeleton consisting of a simple steam. Unfortunately without this ancestral context, it loses all its magic and its significance, so we are looking resume and spread the authentic Temazcal.


Temazcal means “house of hot stones”; Nahuatl tetl = stone, Mazitli hot =; Calli = home.

Tlazolteotl is Mother Earth, she is considered the goddess of the temazcal, and it is believed that devours us what no longer serves us to transform it into fertile land and transmute it into new life. Within the temazcal, which is the womb of the earth, the steam makes us sweat and remove toxins from our body; the temazcal is going to devour, that will absorb sweat and transform it into fertile land, ready to feed new life.

However, the purification of our being within the Temazcal goes far beyond the physical, as also the spirit undergoes a detoxification through utter the words, eliminate negative thoughts, crying that we release, roses, etc. The temazcal devour those thoughts and destructive emotions to transform them into new energy; in short, we will live our own rebirth.



Temascal therapy is based on the fact cause our body sweat through medicated steam. Sweat, alone, already has a high curative value, but also inhaling steam increases by far the healing ability of the temazcal. This steam is produced by the contact of water with herbal red-hot stones. Each herb has various medicinal qualities: for example chamomile helps clean the eyes and restores proper digestion; while eucalyptus help fight respiratory diseases, etc.

Overall this ritual serves to relax, cleanse the skin, purify the body, strengthen the heart, purify the blood, cure of many diseases, open mind, develop awareness, find solutions to problems, meditate and also for maintaining healthy family ties, community and culture.

Different types of Temazcal:

Its main function is to relax the body and mind, meet and socialize, benefiting from the medicinal aspects of steam.

It is the most complete. Brings all the physical, mental and cultural benefits, and enter the mystical ritual, in which a dance to the four cardinal points is performed, which makes it extremely fascinating.

In the curative temazcal, only enters the healer and the patient. Its goal is to cure a specific disease. It will be different for each disease and each patient. Sometimes it will be very hot, other, colder, and various herbs and different techniques will be used. Its duration may also vary.

It is also ceremonial, but focuses more to the mind and to the spirit to the body. It requires great physical and mental preparation, because it is very hot, so much so that most people do not resist, and if not handled wisely and responsibly, it can be very dangerous. Its aim is to tune the mind and spirit to cope with adverse situations calmly. He develops the will and confronts us with our weaknesses, fears, vanities and selfishness.

Aldo Rocco – Finca Punta Ayampe owner


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